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North American Relocation Services


Drawing upon an established network of employers, recruiters, and government resources, HPP assists its clients with securing appropriate employment positions. Upon doing so, we are often instrumental in securing lawful employment authorized status and thereafter, lawful permanent residence.

Company Profile

HPP provides two (2) basic programs, which are both geared toward securing an offer of employment within the client’s specified geographic region consistant with career objectives.

1. HPP Self Directed Employment Search Service
This service involves a preliminary assessment of viability on a without charge basis. In order to do so, we request that you complete our Online Assessment Form or provide your English version resume. You must provide information with respect to your desired vocation, reasonable salary/benefit expectations and region of preferred settlement in Canada or the U.S.

We will then render our preliminary opinion as to viability. The preliminary opinion is usually remitted via e-mail.

Should the client elect to proceed with the Self-Directed Employment Search, we immediately proceed with reconciling the client’s resume to North American standard. We then prepare our covering letter serving to emphasize the strength of the client’s credentials in relation to the designated employment sector.

We will then undertake a search of fifty (50) prospective employers within the specified region and submit the revised resume and covering letter to the employer’s human resource department under our letterhead. We list our office as the return address. In doing so, we attempt to negate a prospective employer’s possible initial reluctance to consider a non-domestic candidate for employment.

All favorable responses are sent to the client in order that the client may reply directly to the employer. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate directly with the interested employer, arrange interview(s) and negotiate terms. In that an interested employer will wish to determine when you will be available to commence employment, this will be dependant upon your qualifications, the nature of the proposed employment and the related U.S. or Canadian immigration legal processing requirements.

With regard to the foregoing, it is important to make very clear at the outset that we cannot GUARANTEE the success of the Self Directed Employment Search Service. Much is contingent upon the economic environment, demand attendant with the given vocation and timing. It is important to understand that there is no substitute for the candidate’s ability to interview well and sell him or herself to a prospective employer. We are not in the business of facilitating suspect offers of employment.

This service is for those who are either in the process of moving to Canada or the U.S. or are intent upon doing so.

Because we are a comprehensive North American immigration legal and placement service provider, we are well situated to address our client’s relocation needs. In this regard, we are often instrumental in addressing a perspective employers concerns by answering questions as to the means by which a interim work permit maybe readily acquired as well as timing/scheduling.

2.The HPP Managed Employment Search Service
The Managed Employment Search Service is typically provided for the benefit of those foreign nationals who desire employment in a professional or executive/management capacity. It is broken down into three (3) separate steps, the first involving the preliminary assessment on a without charge basis. Viability is assessed and specified via an initial e-mail correspondence. Should the client elect to proceed, the resume is reconciled to North American standard. Two hundred (200) prospective employers within the specified region are researched in order that the appropriate covering letter and resume may be directed to the employer’s human resource department.

In the event an interview is secured, our Placement Department will prepare the client by providing pertinent information concerning the prospective employer, counseling with respect to positive interview approaches, insight as to the employer’s requirements and a mock interview. Guidance is provided with respect to potential employer questions concerning the client’s ability to work in relation to immigration/employment authorization scheduling.


Should you wish to proceed with a free assessment, we ask that you complete our on-line confidential assessment. A response will be provided to you usually within seven (7) to ten (10) days of posting your completed assessment. Our preliminary assessment will provide an understanding of employment prospects relative to the specified geographic/career objectives and lawful employment authorization processing options.