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Canadian Legal Services Investor Class Program

What is the Investor Class Program?

Permanent residence in Canada is possible through the Immigration Act category known as the "Investor Class".

Investors are generally defined as persons who have owned, operated or managed a business in the past and have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth prior to applying for immigration to Canada. Investors must agree to invest a specified amount of money in a fund approved by either the federal government or the provinces, for the purpose of facilitating immigration to Canada by investors.

The Investor Class program is designed to allow immigrants to immigrate to Canada without being involved actively in a business, in exchange for their agreement to invest money in a fund which is guaranteed by the federal government of Canada.

Is the Investor Class a "point-based" system?

Investor Class applicants must still meet the minimum selection criteria under the Immigration Act such as criminal and medical screening and they are assessed on a point scale similar to Independent Class Applications. However, all business immigrants are given bonus points and are not assessed under all of the criteria used in the Independent Class. For example, there is no English or French language requirements for Investor Class Applicants. Because of the bonus point award, a person who meets the basic qualifications under the Investor Class program will be able to obtain the requisite number of points required for issuance of an immigrant visa.

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What are the basic requirements under the Investor class program?

The following three (3) basic minimum criteria are required to establish eligibility for immigration under the Investor Class Program:

A: The investor has operated, owned, controlled or managed a business;

B: The investor has a net worth of at least $800,000 (CAD) through his or her own efforts;

C: The investor is willing to invest $400,000 (CAD) in a government-secured fund for a period of five (5) years.

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What type of funds can I invest in?

There are many "approved" Immigrant Investor funds available to choose from in Canada. As long as the fund (or business) has been approved by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration as an eligible fund, that fund will meet the requirements set forth in the Immigration Regulations.

Many law firms have established working relationships with funds which, in that firm's experience, offer a reliable and proven product to the immigrant investor client. The Hulka Porter LLP Law Firm deals with several such funds and we will work closely with the applicant and his or her financial advisor in selecting a fund that is suitable for you.

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What is the application procedure for an Investor Class application?

The potential immigrant investor must file an Application for Permanent Residence in Canada at a Canadian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission abroad. Spouses and dependants or minor children may accompany the applicant to Canada if the case is approved. For Province of Quebec - based funds, the application must be filed with the Quebec Immigration Department. In most cases a preliminary approval of your case will be secured within 3-5 months.

Given the complex Regulations, accounting and business expertise required to support an application under the Investor Class program, legal counsel is strongly recommended.

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How will I know if I qualify under the Investor Class?

Please complete our on-line Consultation Form and post all requested information so that we may conduct an assessment of eligibility for you. We will try to assess your case within 24 hours of posting.